ImageCache working on IIS and no clean URL support

Below are the requirements of the ImageCache module:

ImageCache requires that you:
  • Install and enable ImageAPI module *and* one of its toolkits (GD or ImageMagick)
  • Install and enable Transliteration module
  • Clean URL support or Private Files

Clean URL support? how if I am using the IIS server for my Drupal site? or if Mod-Rewrite in my Apache server not enabled?

First you can use additional module (IIS Mod-Rewrite) to make ImageCache work on IIS server but the module is not free, you need to buy a license before you can use this.

Second, you can make ImageCache working without clean URL by changing some of the ImageCache module core. Read this comment to make ImageCache working with no clean URL support.

Setup the Superfish menu on Danland 7.x

Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu, below are the step by step to configuring the Superfish menu on Danland Drupal 7 theme:

  1. Build a standard drupal menu. Set the correct levels to "expanded" (the parent item).
  2. Disable Main menu in the Danland theme settings.
  3. Place the Main menu block in the Superfish menu region. Your menu will be automatically rendered as a drop-down menu.
  4. To modify the animation style and speed please see Superfish menu page

Move Drupal 7 theme tags else where

In Danland 7.x theme, the tags of an article always printed after the content, and you will not find any code in node.tpl.php that print this tags since this tags automatically rendered by Drupal 7 theme core (I use the default behavior).

Because of no code in page.tpl.php that shown where this tags coming from, than it could be difficult for you to figure it out. Read my comment here to know how.