System & Method using Drupal

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System & Method is developer and international distributor of the IceBreak and BlueSeries product lines. Established June 1st 1989 and have achieved a profound knowledge of the IBM i™ (AS/400)... more

Danland reaching the 6K milestone

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This week Danland reaching the 6K milestone, yes the theme now used by more than 6000 Drupal sites. Danland is the first theme made by Indonesian people are able to go this far. With age less than... more

Users of the XPS Annotator

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Some time ago one of my software (XPS Annotator) receive an acknowledgment from one of the most trusted download site in the world. At this time I will highlight the number of users of the XPS... more

ImageCache working on IIS and no clean URL support

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Below are the requirements of the ImageCache module: ImageCache requires that you: Install and enable ImageAPI module *and* one of its toolkits (GD or ImageMagick)Install and enable Transliteration... more

Setup the Superfish menu on Danland 7.x

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Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu, below are the step by step to configuring the Superfish menu on Danland Drupal 7 theme:... more

Move Drupal 7 theme tags else where

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In Danland 7.x theme, the tags of an article always printed after the content, and you will not find any code in node.tpl.php that print this tags since this tags automatically rendered by Drupal 7... more

Dave, you're right!

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About a year ago I read an article at CNET News written by Dave Rosenberg, the title is Need a job? Learn Drupal. At that time I was in need of work I can count on, and when I read the article, I am... more

Replace existing Danland slideshow with Views slideshow

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Danland has the built in image slideshow using the jQuery Cycle, but how if I want to replacing the slideshow with Views slideshow module? Actually its very simple, what you need is just a working... more

Sync all username I have

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Today I change my Twitter and Drupal username, I change it to danpros, you can read the meaning here. From now, my blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter and Drupal username (Git) has the same username,... more