Danland theme development (October 22, 2010)

After a few days was busy working on several projects, today finally had time to develop Danland. Not much that I changed, now Danland has been very stable so I should not change something that has been running well.

Today I just changed a bit in CSS, so the layout is really precision:

  • Fix the ordered list (decimal). I replace the bullet-list with images so there are sometimes at a certain level that is not running properly.
  • Add and subtract a few sections on content-top and sticky. Now the layout of Danland really precision between blocks or between articles

You can read all the changes on this page.

Danland theme development (October 12, 2010)

Today I make changes and fix some of the core of Danland at Drupal.org. Improvement and development is based on suggestions and reports from the Danland's users who finds an oddity or a bug in Danland.

Here are some of the changes and development:

  • Set the login and register links only displaying one image. Add the login image icon in forum.
  • Remove un-needed value for slideshow.
  • Fix slideshow's flashing behaviour.
  • Make Danland CSS 2.1 validated. I decided to remove the rounded effect of the superfish shadow.
  • Fix forum images in IE6. Because of the jQuery PNGFix, the forum is not displayed properly in IE6.

Above are some changes that I do today.