Microsoft plans Windows 8 in 2012

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Age of Windows 7 was not yet 1 year, but Microsoft is aiming to release the Windows 8 in the year 2012. This rumor originated from an article from the Microsoft Kitchen Blog, the article shows the... more

Tales from Danang Probo Sayekti

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This story begins when I can not make a software yet. At the end of 2005, I bought a computer, the components of the computer is my own choice, such as CD-Rom, Casing, Stabilizer, RAM, Matherboard,... more

Creating a Blog

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While this may be normal if we have a blog, the blog now is like an email address, in which every person who has it a lot. To create a blog actually very easy, even for common people. Many free... more

Facts About Google Chrome OS

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Google Chrome OS is the operating system (OS) which was created by Google. Google Chrome OS designed for notebook and an open source OS like Linux. According to Google as the creator of this OS,... more

Installing Danet Studio and XPS Annotator

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For users of Windows Vista or Windows 7 would not be difficult to install Danet Studio or XPS Annotator. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 already installed so you do not need to install Microsoft .NET... more

Drupal Beat Joomla In Inaugural Hall Of Fame Award

- Posted in drupal by - Comments on this week announced that Drupal has won the Inaugural Hall Of Fame Award for 2009 at the Open Source CMS Award. Drupal also won the Best Open Source PHP CMS to outperform their... more

Accessing FTP server with no additional software

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In certain situations we may not have time to install the FTP software to manage our servers. Is there a simple way to access FTP server? Yes just enough to use the features already available on... more

Promoting Software In Free

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How to promote or publish the software (freeware) you made for free? Yes just run out money to pay your internet bill. I've tried these steps and it worked, follow these steps: Find a free domain... more

Convert XPS document to image files

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Since version 1.20, XPS Annotator already includes a feature to convert the XPS document to image file (PNG). You can download the XPS Annotator for free if you do not have the XPS Annotator yet. To... more