A Drupal based web directory

For one week, on the sidelines of my free time, I tried something new by creating a web directory using Drupal. After doing some research, I finally found some modules that are suitable for a web directory solutions.

There are so many CMS options out there that is intended specially for web directory solutions, and I chose Drupal because Drupal does not have any restrictions at all so it is beneficial to its developments in the future.

The main priority of this web directory is SEO so I made as simple as possible. It was only a week but there are a workflows that can be used to receive submissions, yes although still much improvement need to be done.

Visit this Drupal based web directory to see how it looks.

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For Whitney Houston

I Will Always Love You.. Rest In Peace.

Inspired to creating my own web directory

Currently I still developing my own web directory using Drupal CMS, and this gonna be a paid directory with an annual fee model, even I am not close the possibility to receive a free submission also.

For the directory format I will not just creating a category similar with any regular web directory out there but I will provide a profile also for any website / company listed.

Still confused to choose the best name for it, and yesterday I buy Webfied.com to increase my domain arsenal.

Update: Drupal-based web directory released.

Google Pagerank Update February 2012

I see today there are a changes in some of my sites PageRank, and I can confirm if in February 2012 Google has updated their PageRank again. Check your site for sure.

There are some changes on my sites, especially with any inner pages.

Google 17 new search quality improvements for January

Google is always trying to improve their search results, and in January 2012, they have improved 17 aspects. It's important for us to know Google direction related to their search result algorithm so we can figure it out what Google want.

Read the 17 new quality improvements here.

Scam alert: I don't sell any text links

A few days ago, one of the DigitalPoint forum moderator contact me to seek the truth about a thread on their site related to the sale of text links on this blog. But I do not sell links on this blog so be careful, that is a scam.

Drupal 6.24 and Drupal 7.12 released!

In early February, the Drupal community has released the latest version of Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x, Drupal 6.24 and Drupal 7.12.

This time, there are two versions of each version of Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x. For Drupal 6.x, version 6.23 intended to improve the security and 6.24 version is to fix bugs, likewise with Drupal 7.x, version 7.11 is for security fixes and version 7.12 is for bugs fixes.

For more information about this release, read the release note here. Download Drupal 6.24 and Drupal 7.12.