XPS Annotator downloaded 90K times on CNET

On September 13, 2011, I wrote if XPS Annotator reaching the 80K milestone, and now XPS Annotator already reaching the 90K of download on CNET.

With so many download than XPS Annotator can be categorized as a successful software, I receive many good feedback about this software.

Danland used by 14646 sites

Til today, Danland already used by 14646 of Drupal sites worldwide, and in one or two weeks later, predicted if Danland will reach the 15K milestone.

The latest commit to the repository is about two weeks ago when I add the Slideshow region to Danland 6.x. Danland become popular because of its simplicity so I will not change it too much.

Zynga using Drupal

Zynga, I am familiar with this company when I played one game made by them "Mafia Wars". And if you are fans of the "FarmVille" it has been ascertained that you are also familiar with this company.

A few weeks ago I wrote if X.commerce is using Drupal, and now turns Zynga who switched to using Drupal for their main website.

PageRank Update November 2011

On Monday 7th November 2011, Google has updated its pagerank as predicted by many people if there will be a PageRank update in November. PageRank for this blog has not changed is still PageRank 8, but there are some changes on all of my website.

PageRank of my danetsoft.com be 8 again, while my other sites like xpsdev.com, dic.im and javaner.com become a PageRank 7 after previously only had a PageRank 6.