Bluemarine Drupal theme

If you ever used Drupal 6 you must know with the Bluemarine theme which is one of a few theme that included with Drupal 6. And for users of Drupal 7, you can also use it because the theme now live as a contributed theme.

I personally have very special memories with this theme, why? I first learned to make Drupal theme based on the Bluemarine theme.

Bluemarine currently managed by John Albin, and is now being sought who will maintain it to make Bluemarine still evolving, this theme has its own history of Drupal, so the existence is worth to thinking about.

Interested to become its maintainer? you can visit this page.

Country specific domain that are treats as generic

With more and more websites are created, then the Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as .com, .net, or .org that are nice, short and in accordance with your business becomes much less.

Of course we can switch to using Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) such as .jp, .de, .ca or any others ccTLDs that corresponding to your country, but it would be a problem if you do not target your site for a specific geographic.

The solution is to select the ccTLDs that are treats as gTLDs:


Regional top-level domains (rTLDs) such as .eu, .asia will always treated as gTLDs. For more details you can read the Webmaster Tools Help related to Geotargetable domains here.

Note: Above list updated on July-22-2011 by Google, and the list may change over time.

Drupal 7.5 and Drupal 7.7 released

Today has released Drupal 7.5 and Drupal 7.7. Do you feel strange why there are two versions released simultaneously? is because each version has a different purposes.

For Drupal 7.5 only contains a security fixes in Drupal core, while Drupal 7.7 contains bug fixes and security fixes, so you can decide whether simply want to improve safety on the Drupal core only or choose to install a version that contains security fixes as well as bug fixes.

How about the Drupal 7.6?

Nothing is different between versions 7.6 and 7.7, its only a fixed VERSION string. For more details about both release you can read the Drupal 7.5 changelog and Drupal 7.7 changelog.

Download Drupal 7.7 here.

Metropolis Drupal theme demo

Metropolis is the first free Drupal theme from the company where I work now, so far the response from users is quite good, even better than my first Drupal theme.

This theme is the beginning of our plan, and at least all goes well, there are many things that we want to achieve related to Drupal.

For this theme we already provided a demo site, and this demo site will not only be used for the Metropolis theme, but also used by our another free themes in near future.

You can visit the demo site here.

Javaner: my Indonesian language blog

Today I made ​​a new blog in Indonesian language with domain, I purchased the domain today. This blog is also hosted on Blogger.

Javaner is the German language of Javanese, so the name was related because I came from Java island of Indonesia. If you know Indonesian language, you can visit my new blog here.

Show your talent through the Drupal project

Is a distinct satisfaction when your work is used by someone else, here I'll give you some resources you need to read to promote your works via

As a start, here's a pages you should read:
I began to actively contribute since a year ago and I've got a lot of valuable rewards from what I do, open source really changed my life so much better, and now is your turn to start.

Ogle+ inspired by Google+

Yesterday I bought a new domain, because many people talk about Google+ (Google Plus), then I have an idea related to Google+, I bought Ogle Plus or Ogle+.

In the future, I'm sure if Google+ will be one of Google's flagship product so the decision to buy Ogle+ (Ogle Plus) I think it would be advantageous.

I myself still do not know for sure the origins of the word Google, the word Google probably is derived from two words "Go Ogle", you can read the Ogle word mean here.

XPS Annotator downloaded 70.261 times on CNET

Until today XPS Annotator has been downloaded 70,261 times on CNET, a considerable amount, yet the number of downloads on other websites.

This is an incredible achievement for me, especially this software has been recognized by large sites like CNET or Wikipedia.

The average number of downloads per week is about 1500 times, and I did not update the software more than a year, so they are a new users of the software.

Acquia redesign their website

Since yesterday Acquia has a new appearance, and their new look is more elegant than their previous appearance, great job!

Acquia was co-founded by Dries Buytaert, a familiar name if you are a Drupal user, if you confess as a Drupal user and do not know his name then you're truly a liar, it's like you forgot your father's name :) and for those of you who are not familiar with Dries, you can visit this page.

For the theme, they use the Omega base theme by Jake Strawn and Sebastian Siemssen. For more details why Acquia chose this theme can be found here. the new Google URL Shortener

You must already know that Google has its own URL Shortener which was released in December 2009, and maybe even you are one of the users.

And yesterday Google announced that they has purchased which is their new URL Shortener that will only link to official Google products and services. It is estimated that the price of is about $1.5 million.

What about 

Gary Briggs wrote:

There’s no need to fret about the fate of; we like it as much as you do, and nothing is changing on that front. It will continue to be our public URL shortener that anybody can use to shorten URLs across the web.
It seems now Google is doing a massive changes to all its products, perhaps this is one of Google's plan to beat Facebook on Social Media.

Now I was in Drupal Services Directory

Everyone will want to admit its existence, indeed existence is an addictive. Drupal also has a special place for individuals and companies who already admit to its contribution to the Drupal project, the Drupal Services Directory.

There are several aspects that must be met if we want to be listed in Drupal Services, you can read it here. Why is hard for me to get listed in the Services Directory is due to my new membership less than 1.5 years, whereas contributors to consider is at least for 5 years or more with enough contributions.

However, my hard work during a year already meet the criteria required, how much my contribution and community involvement can be found in my previous article about Certified to Rock.

And since yesterday, I was using the name Danetsoft finally listed in Drupal Services Directory and join the individuals and companies worldwide recognized by the Drupal community to its existence. Visit my personal company profile here.

Now even Twitter using Drupal

Drupal is a top choice if you want a complex site, this is because Drupal is very flexible compared to its competitors.

Twitter has recently also using Drupal for their developer community. With 750 thousands developers who create nearly one million applications, and make as much as 13 billions API calls per month then Drupal is the best choice.

For more details about this news you can visit this page.

Google fighting back with Google+

The dominance of Facebook in social media is very worrying, with 750 million users worldwide, Facebook is a very tough Google's rival. Previously Google was trying to make social networking sites like Orkut, but it failed to compete with Facebook.

To rival Facebook, Google released a new product that is Google+, and it seems these new product got a very good response from the users. Within two weeks, Google+ already used by more than 10 million users, or about 1.3% of Facebook users, and of course this is a serious threat to Facebook.

Facebook even has a real action to maintain their dominance by banned the Google+ ad on their site, an act that should not be done by companies like Facebook because it is not a wise action, it could even hurt themselves later.

Danland more famous, more than 7K of sites used it

Today Danland has reached more than 7K of users, this is a theme that makes me and my personal company known widely among Drupal users, thanks Danland.

Danland is very popular among small business owners, non-profit organization, educational and government institutions because of its simplicity and very clean which is favored by these circles.

I was lucky to be able to create a theme like Danland, the design itself was inspired by Maksimer, indirectly, this is our success.

Visit Danland's demo here.

Setup the Superfish menu on Metropolis theme

If you are the Metropolis Drupal theme users, you may get confused when setting up the superfish menu because there is no documentation about it before.

But luckily, the menu system of Metropolis theme is similar to the Danland theme, so you can use the Danland guide to setting up the superfish menu. For complete Danland documentation, you can read it on

The General Manager of have protested

Yesterday, James Kim as the General Manager of have protested via Webmaster Central Forum after he tried to contact the General Manager of Google but there was no reply regarding banned that have been imposed to the and all its subdomains.

Until now the debate is still ongoing, and no single employee of Google who has replied. You can read and follow the debate here.

Why spam comments is bad and useless?

On November 27th, 2009, Google has written facts about spam comments, its explain the influence of spam comments on your website ranking and whether is it useful to your site ranking or not.

We would often seen a comments that contain links to the comment author's site, or generic comments like "Nice info", "I like your site" with a commercial user name or keyword linking to their site. Come on, it's look too spammy and you must know that!

I took some points from that article why spam comments is bad and useless:

For those who do, it is actions that worsen the quality of the web, comment section should be a place to share opinions, or to add additional information to the article itself, and not a place to list of a spammy keywords.

If it is done only for the pursuit of ranking then you do the wrong thing. If your site has an original and useful content then the ranking will go up by itself.

You can read the article from Google about spam comments here.

Metropolis 6.x-1.2 and Metropolis 7.x-1.1 released

A few weeks ago Metropolis 6.x-1.2 and Metropolis 7.x-1.1 has been released, and so far no bugs found, great!

Not like Danland, Metropolis is a project of the company I work for (read my About page). Designed by Kenneth Riber Andersen, and coded by me.

Before releasing version 7.x-1.1, actually we already releasing the 7.x-1.0 version, but we found a critical bug in Metropolis 7.x-1.0 and must fixed it as soon as possible. You can see any changes of the project codes here.

Download Metropolis 6.x-1.2 and Metropolis 7.x-1.1, and go here for the Metropolis theme demo.

Now Google banned the as well

Still fresh in our memory when get banned by Google some time ago. And today, the and its subdomains also has been banned by Google. You can check it here.

As you can see, if there is no single indexed by Google, which means that Google had removed all of the search results on and its sub​​domains. Looks like this time Google is really doing a massive cleanup to the free subdomain providers.

Google going to rebrand Blogger and Picasa

In business, branding is very important, many companies spend a lot of money to create good branding for their company. Recently there is a fairly surprising news that Google plans to retire Blogger and Picasa because of branding purposes, according to Mashable, the rebranding process will coming in six weeks.

If we aware about it, actually the rebranding process has already started a few months ago, starting with the look from Blogger itself, or improvements and additional features on the Blogger platform. Perhaps the name that will be used is "Google Blogs" for "Blogger" and "Google Photos" for "Picasa", yes the name is look weird for the first time but we will be familiar with this name after time passed.

In the past Google has changed the name of a service for branding purposes, Google changing Froogle becomes Google Product Search. Until now, Google itself still denied about this rumour, but let see its development in a few weeks to come.

Maybe it's time you tried Drupal

You may often hear that Drupal is hard to learn.. well, a few years ago may be true, but now all has changed, many improvements were made so that Drupal is not as difficult as before. Moreover, the community has released version 7.x that focus on user experience, user friendly administrations is one of the biggest weaknesses of previous versions of Drupal.

Why Drupal is so special? because Drupal is open sources, robust, flexible, and developed by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Drupal also used by many of the most influential sites on Earth, I only mention on Earth since I have not had enough evidence if Drupal is also used on other planet. :)

To learn more about Drupal, you can visit about page that explains one by one the main features of Drupal, don't forget to read the get started page, and read the documentation page if you lost somewhere.

This blog now has PageRank 8 from 0, the greatest increase ever!

A few days ago I wrote about the PageRank update that occurred on 27 June, and for memories then I wrote again about the improvement obtained by this blog.

As seen in the archive, this blog created since August 2009, and since the month of June 2010, I abandoned this blog and creating new blog with the domain, for this new blog I use Drupal. After five months later I returned to my previous blog and decided to use the domain as a custom domain, you can read the article about it here.

So on June 2010, I registering the domain At that time, the PageRank value of this blog is still 0, even when Google updates its PageRank on January 2011, the Pagerank of these blog remain unchanged.

On June 27th, this blog PageRank increased from 0 to 8, and I think this can be the greatest increase on PageRank history :)

Google banned the and its subdomains

On June 30th, has been banned by Google. This decisive action is performed because a lot of sub-domain had violated the Google's webmaster guidelines.

Google's action is actually not surprising because of many sub-domains used to create Auto Generated Content Blog, act of copying articles of others and then use some plugin to make it look unique to fool the search engines, spreading malware, or even for spamming purposes.

Yes I know if not all users of the sub-domain perform such fraudulent acts.. However, the percentage who conduct that prohibited acts must be more numerous, so Google had to bans the and its sub-domains.