Drupal 7.0 RC 4, Danland, and Simpler theme

Today (the last day of 2010), Drupal 7.0 RC 4 released. This release is the final RC version of Drupal 7.0, and the release date of Drupal 7.0 is January 5th.

I already check the compatibility of Danland D7 version and Simpler D7 version with this RC version, and both themes is working like it should be.

Nothing change with Drupal 7 theme core, so current version of Danland and Simpler is supported. When Drupal 7 entering the final release, I will also releasing the final Drupal 7 version of Danland and Simpler.

Download Drupal 7.0 RC 4 here.

Why I choose Blogger for blogging purposes

Several months ago I moved my personal website to Blogger, and I think this is a very appropriate decision for me. I am very busy to take care of my personal website, and need a blogging platform that allows me to manage my blog with ease.

There are several reasons why I choose Blogger:
  • Allowing a custom domain for my blog URL.
  • Can integrated it with my Google Apps.
  • Easy of use.
  • 100% uptime. Previously this was my personal observation and now be proved here.
That is some of the main reasons why I choose Blogger for my blogging platform.

Drupal 7.0 RC 3 and Danland 7.x-1.0 RC 3

Two previous post is off topic and now I am back with Drupal matters, Drupal 7.0 RC 3 and Danland 7.x-1.0 RC 3.

The Drupal 7.0 RC 3 already released sometimes ago, and the final release it would be January 5th. Maybe I will not releasing the Danland RC 3 since no bugs reported, it seem Danland 7.x-1.0 RC 2 already very stable.

But if I have enough time, I will releasing the RC 3 of Danland. You can download the Drupal 7.0 RC 3 here. If you feel there is a bugs in Danland, please report it soon so I can fix that before January 5th.

Now I can smile again

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you!. The year 2010 will be over soon, and we are going into 2011. A lot of lessons I received in 2010, and I will not forget it, even there are some important events that I will never forget in my life.

The year 2010 was a year full of tears and laughter. This year is the most difficult and challenging year in my life, new things and also the beginning of my personal success.

In the early to mid this year, I had some tests from God and it is the toughest test in a person's life, but I am glad I get through it very well, and now I can smile again. :)

I have a new niece

A few days ago, Agung my brother being a new dad. Congrats!. His wife Luluk gave birth in a hospital with no distractions, I am very happy to hear it. And even more encouraging is that his wife and the baby are very healthy.

My eyes glisten when I heard this great news. Congratulations to my brother and his wife :)

Creating Drupal custom search

It has become the hallmark of Drupal if the search submit button is located on the right side. The search on Drupal actually can be made arbitrarily, submit button on the left side and it can be replaced with pictures.

Here are the steps to create your own custom search for your Drupal theme.

Danland 7.x-1.0 RC 2 released!

Today I am releasing Danland 7.x-1.0 RC 2. This release contains few changes to theme core for better understanding to the end-user. The maintenance page is now pretty nice since there is a slideshow in there.

What's new and change:
  • Now Danland using the default body classes, previously Danland contains custom classes sidebars-1 and sidebars-2, since this version it changes to one-sidebar and two-sidebars (using the default body classes).
  • Maintenance page custom style.
Since version RC 1, only one bug reported (the maintenance page matters) and already fixed. Please keep searching the bugs.

Download Danland 7.x-1.0 RC 2.

Adding additional body classes to Danland theme

Currently Danland only provide you two body classes, the sidebars-1 and sidebars-2. Of course this will limit your creativity in developing this theme, with body classes you can easily change the style of each type of content and much more.

One of Drupal theme that uses a complete body class is Zen. Danland also can have an additional body classes like the Zen theme by following a few steps that I write here.

Danland 6.x-2.1 released!

Today I am releasing Danland 6.x-2.1. This release contains few improvements to the theme core and bug fixes. Danland already very stable so I do not change it too much and I keep it simple.

What's new:
  • Fixing the slideshow's flashing behavior.
  • Fixing forum display in IE6 (side effect of using jQuery PngFix). If the problems still persist, just uninstall the jQuery pngFix.
  • Improving the node links.
  • Styling the forum / table (change it to another color if you do not like it).
  • Make Danland xhtml 1.0 and CSS 2.1 validated (again).
  • And other small improvements.
Please always backup your old modified theme files before upgrading to newer version.

Download Danland 6.x-2.1 here.

Danland 7.x-1.0 RC1 released!

Finally Danland already reaching the RC version. Today I am releasing Danland 7.x-1.0 RC1, this release contains few improvements to the theme core, bug fixes especially the superfish z-index issues in IE.

All bugs reported are solved. I change some of theme core for better layout and for more cleaner html output.

Download the RC1 version of Danland here.