XPS Annotator movie

This video shows how to convert PDF files into XPS files using the "Microsoft XPS document writer" and then open created XPS files with "XPS Annotator". Download instructions also included.

This movie provided by adropolis. You can get the latest version of XPS Annotator by visiting the official website of XPS Annotator.

My first Drupal theme

A few days ago I made my first Drupal theme, the theme name is "Simpler". Apparently something fun making themes for Drupal, although confused at first chance.

All this started when I wanted to create a different look to my website, and to meet it so finally I tried to create my own Drupal theme.

I just wanted a simple, minimalist and clean theme. Of course, compatibility with various browsers are given priority, and for the SEO needs; I made a tableless theme since search engines have trouble to crawler website based on the table layout.